Slime Smart 20" Schrader Valve Tube

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Slime Smart 20" Schrader Valve Tube

Fixes punctures before you even know you've got one!
Inner tube pre-filled with puncture fixing gloop
Pull the thorn out and the gloop escapes
When it contacts the air, it fills the hole
All you need to do is pump a bit more air in occasionally
A bit of extra weight but a lot less hassle
You get 1 tube which will fit sizes 20" x 1.50 - 2.125 
Weight: 320g

Since 1989, Slime has been a pioneer and innovator in tyre sealant and tyre repair technology, exported to over 36 countries, Slime is the most widely distributed tyre sealant in the world. Slime brand products can be found in over 50,000 retail distribution points worldwide and OEM customers in the automotive, motorcycle and bicycle industry rely on Slime sealants.


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