Shimano SH-XC31L SPD XC31 shoes - Size 43 / 8.9 / 27.2

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Shimano SH-XC31L SPD XC31 shoes - Size: 43 / 8.9 / 27.2

You rely heavily on your feet when you’re out on the trails for balance and power transfer, which is why your choice in shoe can make or break your performance. The Shimano XC31 SPD MTB Shoe has been engineered to deliver the ultimate performance to not only get you to the end of the trail, but to own it!
Crafted from tough, stretch-resistant synthetic leather and mesh, this Shimano MTB Shoe is not only durable, it is also comfortable and breathable. The materials mould to the geometry of your foot for an unparalleled fit. Shimano’s patented Dynalast technology delivers the perfect internal riding fit for ideal pedalling efficiency and power transfer. The positioning of your foot affects the rest of your body and Shimano have worked closely with professional riders to ascertain the definitive dynamics. The XC31 also includes a Cross X-Strap which is optimised for relieving tension on the top of the foot during the push-off motion.
The insole, despite being an incredibly precise fit, is adaptable to nearly all foot shapes and conforms to your foot for ultimate comfort. This insole is shock-absorbent but also firm enough to aid the mid and outer soles in power transfer.
Power transfer is integral to a good trail performance, and no technology has been spared in the development of the XC31 soles. The glass-fibre reinforced polyamide sole is strong and stiff to ensure that none of the force created by your foot gets wasted. The polyurethane outsole is mud-shedding to ensure you always have a good grip on your pedals, and includes lugs with an arch pad for pedal stability to reinforce your centre of balance for a precise ride.
There’s no need to compromise with the Shimano XC31 SPD MTB Shoe, performance, power and precision are all yours!
Shimano XC31 SPD MTB Shoe Features
Stretch-resistant synthetic leather and mesh
Cross X Strap
Adaptable cup insole
Shimano Dynalast
Polyurethane outsole
Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide sole

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