Raleigh RSP Night Vision Mountain Bike Light Set - Front & Rear

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Raleigh RSP Night Vision Mountain Bike Light Set White - Front & Rear

The RSP light range uses all the latest LED and lens technology to bring you the highest performance lights at a great price.
This light set is the ultimate for the  regular commuter or outdoor specialist.
There is a 1W front light beam which needs no tools to attach it to the handlebars. 
The rear light has a wide angle lens for greater visibility at night and during the daylight

Front Light

1 Watt high lumen LED
1200 Candle Power
Latest collimator technology
3 Modes
24 Hours Run Time

Rear Light

5 LED Wide rear light
50 Hours burn time constant
100 Hours burn time flashing
Visible up to 1500m
Fits horisontally & vertically
Includes alkaline batteries



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