Magnum ONGUARD Pitbull STD Shackle U-Lock LK8003

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Magnum ONGUARD Pitbull STD Shackle U-Lock LK8003

Chunky 14mm Ultra hardened steel shackle provides maximum cut resistance
Double rubber coating on crossbar
Ultra-hardened reinforced  crossbar
Anti-rattle bumpers
Includes 5 laster cut keys (1 micro-light and 4 extra grip keys)
Micro light key projects a bright white beam
The quattro bolt locking mechanism provides unequaled strength and maximum pull resistance by locking the cross bar to the shackle on 4 sides
The new user friendly , pick , pull and drill resistant z-key cylinder featuring bumpblok, offers optmum detterent against physical attack
All tube mounting bracket
Intergrated Dust cover
Anti - theft guarantee with registration
Size : 115 x 230 x 14mm
Security rating 80/100

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