Knog Blinder ARC 1.7 Front 1 LED Front Bicycle Head Light - SILVER

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Knog Blinder ARC 1.7 Front 1 LED Front Bicycle Head Light - SILVER

Loaded with a 170 lumens of light the Blinder Arc 1.7 gives riders total visibility and freedom at night, all from a super-compact, super-light, USB rechargeable, 100% waterproof, integrated silicone package. Equipped with one of the latest high-intensity XB-D Cree LEDs, keeping motorists and road users at bay the Arc 1.7 uses an elliptical beam of 16° vertical and 24º horizontal beam making the light visible to others at over 1000m.

Light Dimensions: W32 x D32 x L70.8mm (main light unit excluding strap)
Weight: 100g
Materials: UV-Resistant, industrial-grade Silicone Rubber Body and Straps. Polycarbonate Housing. PMMA Lens. Anodised Aluminium Heat sink. Anodised Aluminium Fascia and solid Stainless Steel MIM Latch.
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Ion (USB)
Output: 170 Lumens
Leds: 1 x CREE XB-D
Lens: Use of an optic design to provide a balanced ratio of beam width and distance to safely illuminate you and the path ahead.
Visibility: Visible from a distance of min. 1000 metres
Beam Angle (degrees): Elliptical beam; 16 (vertical) x 24 (horizontal) degrees
Beam Status: High / Medium / Low Beam status LED (Blue, Light-Blue , Green)
Lithium Ion Technology with battery protection circuit. 
Constant current drive technology: Maintains consistent brightness throughout specified run-time.
Integrated USB Plug: Designed to be exposed to the elements, the plug is also waterproof and will not be damaged by exposure.
Waterproof: 100% Waterproof and Dust Proof (IP68).
Light Modes: Total of 4 light modes: 1. High Beam, 2. Medium Beam, 3. Low Beam, 4. Flashing Beam. 
Burn Time: Lasting up to 1.4 hours in High Beam, 2.7 hours in Medium Beam, 5.9 hours in Low Beam and 11.7 hours in Flashing mode.
Charge time: 4 hour charge time
Button: Longer button push on (0.75sec) prevents accidental activation of your light. Short presses switch modes continuously. Similarly, the light is switched off with a long button push off (0.5sec).
Low battery indicator
Storage Mode Enabled: Activated when light will not be used for a period of time. Optimises battery longevity. 
Thermal management: Automatically regulates the light output for optimum performance when the bike is stationary and in motion.
Bike Attachment: Silicone strap for bars 25 - 35mm in diameter. 
Testing: The Blinder Arc 1.7 has been tested rigerously; Drop tests, corrosion tests, UV tests, Electrical shock and static, vibration and impact, temperature and humidity, cycle testing and CE certification.

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