Gusset BMX Slink Half-Link Single Speed Chain 1/8" PINK

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Gusset Coloured Slink Half-Link Chain

Heat-Treated and made entirely from 1/2 Links, the Gusset Slink Chain looks Awesome and is Super-Strong too. Each link overlaps the next and features Square Riveted Pins to reduce the chances of it breaking to a minimum . It has Grind-Friendly Straight Outer Plate Edges, so it won't catch up and Cutaway Inner Plate Edges give Improved Sprocket Wrap, making it Perfect for use with down to 13T Sprockets.

Made from SCM Steel with Carburized Nitrogen Heat-Treatment.
Half-Link Chain Heat-Treated
Nickel-Plated for Maximum Strength
Grind-Friendly Outer Plate Edges
Massive Breaking Strain (1300Kgf, a standard chain is ~850Kgf)
Cutaway Inner Plate Edges (for use with down to 13T Sprockets)
102 (1/2") Links
Slotted Pins for Weight Reduction
Colour : PINK 
Size : 1/8" Regular 
Weight : 474 grams 



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